Center for Reactor Instrumentation and Sensor Physics

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newly established joint MIT and INL technology innovation, development, and maturation hub



CRISP aims to become a center of excellence and a technology development hub to enable advanced operational paradigms in nuclear systems. These foundational technologies will significantly reduce the staffing levels needed in current and future nuclear power plants, significantly lowering operational costs while boosting power plant operational efficiency.

Focus Areas

  • Sensing Physics and Instrumentation
  • Signal Processing and AI/ML-based Data Analysis
  • Advanced Controls and Decision Sciences


To advance the current state of automation in nuclear systems by developing foundational technologies, as well as existing technology for monitoring and controls of future nuclear systems.

Future generations of nuclear power plants - including small modular reactor and microreactor designs - will need autonomous or semi-autonomous control technologies for microgrid applications with a highly transactional generation and load exchange. Autonomous control of reactors enables plants to operate more collaboratively, aiding in smoother general generation and load transactions in these future NPP designs.


Sacit Cetiner, Scientific Director:

David Carpenter, Operations Director: